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Writing Prompts

Great writing can come from a variety of inspirations.  I believe that competition can help stimulate the mind and produce some of an individual’s best work.  However, sometimes it’s simply responding to someone else’s ideas that gets a writer going.  Each week, I will be posting a new prompt to get the thinking juices flowing.  What comes next is up to you.

I would love for you to share what you come up with (or at least an excerpt), but if you choose to keep it personal that is okay too.  My only request is that if you respond to my prompt on your own blog, please link back to this page so that others may enjoy the contests too.


Prompt #4 (12/20-12/26)

Remember writing letters to Santa detailing what gifts you hoped he would place under the Christmas tree?  What would you ask for this year?  Are they material objects or are your grown up wishes a little more abstract?
A variation of this would be to write a list asking for things for other people that you think would truly benefit their lives.


Prompt #3   (11/15-11/21)

This week’s challenge is more finding poetry than composing it.  Look through the titles of books (your choice whether you own them, visit the local library, or scour Amazon.com) and arrange them in a poem.  Each title is a new line of the poem.  The tricky part is to be sure it actually makes sense.
*A tip–sticking to a particular section/genre often makes this easier.  For example, the poem below was created using titles from the YA section.

“The King of Attolia”

The Dark Angel,

Forged in the Fire,

Peeps Through the Looking Glass.

Terror Reigns On,

Never to Die.


Prompt #2   (11/01-11/07)

Short and sweet this week–Make the most out of only one line of poetry.  Don’t forget to give your poem a title, and don’t be afraid to use the title to say more (it can add irony, clarification, etc).

  • “Befriend your enemies” Unexpected revenge is sweeter.
  • “Pass the bottle” A cup is too shallow to drown sorrows in.
  • “Soul mates” If only he could forget her.


Prompt #1  (10/25-10/31)

Sometimes the strongest words are those left unsaid.  Think about situations or ideas you have felt strongly about and yet said nothing in response.  Try to write 5 short responses, each to a different individual in your life. The objective is for the statement to be very direct, yet remain ambiguous enough that it cannot easily be traced back to a specific individual.  The only rule is that you cannot (obviously) use a person’s name or relationship to you in the statement.


  • I will be jealous of any girl that you end up with, regardless of how wonderful she is.  She isn’t me.
  • I hate who you have become, but only because you have no time for me anymore.


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