I have explored many resources trying to find a way to hook my children’s attention on the stories of the Lord.  More often than not, stories adapted for children were simply okay.  Let’s face it–much of the entertainment available today feature such complex animations and captivating characters that it is difficult to compete.  In most resources, the storylines were often either incomplete or far too in depth, and the illustrations were never impressive. Ultimately, they failed to capture my children’s (and my) attention. Regardless, because of my desire to share the Bible with my children,  I was always the one pulling the books off of the shelves trying to incorporate the stories into reading time.

Then I had the opportunity to review the Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible.  

Since the day the book arrived in the mail, my kids have been the ones bringing the Storybook to reading time (and even taking it to bed to read after lights out!).   The gorgeous cover is just the beginning of marvelous illustrations and beautifully presented stories.  While the creators of this resource adamantly assert that the stories in the Bible are NOT fairytales, they have artfully created a resource draws on the infamous beginning phrase “Once upon a time” to pull children into the wonderful stories of the Christian faith.  Presented chronologically and separated into Old Testament and New Testament, each story takes only a few minutes to read, begins with “once upon a time,” and ends with a “happily ever after” takeaway message.  My son particularly loves the bible verses associated with each story.

I highly recommend this book for anyone with young children.  It isn’t your typical resource–it is obvious the creators were really trying to compete with the magic of Disney.  The storybook doesn’t compromise the stories in its adaptation but manages to be both accessible and beautiful!  My 6 year old literally carries this book around everywhere with him–he can’t get enough of the stories and pictures!


story bible


If you have older kids, there is another awesome resource called Once Upon a Time Holy Bible (NIrV).  This full-text bible is written in the New International Version, which many find more accessible and easier to understand, and includes some illustrations (presented in the same format and color palette found in the Storybook Bible) and highlights 6 great stories from the bible.  The hardback format makes it a durable, beautiful Bible perfect for a child’s first “real” Bible.


**I received these books from the publisher in exchange for my honest reviews.