The trend of writing letters to loved ones to open for a specific occasion or moment is popular at the moment.  But what if you are the one who needs the letters?  Could you write them to yourself?  Would they be as meaningful?

Open When: Letters to Lift Your Spirits offers 12 notes intended for readers to open when they need encouragement the most.

Personally, I felt the letters lacked the warmth and sentimentality of letters written from family or friends.  The spiritual guidance is generic—Christianity, Buddhism, and Karma are all mentioned.  The letters were decorated beautifully, and I suppose would work as “emergency encouragement,” but I would not gift this to someone I knew intimately.  A handwritten letter would be much more impactful.

I could see this being a gift for a distant acquaintance, or as a gift made available in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Its small size and short letters would make it easily accessible for quick reference.