In 1992, the first Junie B. Jones book was published.  I remember reading the first Junie B. Jones book in 2nd grade.  My teacher got us hooked on the (mis)adventures of young Junie through read-a-louds, then encouraged us to try reading one silently on our own.

In 2017, the first musical edition of Junie B. Jones will be released. To say I am excited is an understatement. Let’s just say, the set is absolutely magical!  Set to Junie B. Jones, 1st Grader at Last, the audio book comes with two CDs–one featuring the text and the other containing 15 songs from the Musical performed by a studio cast. Lana Quintal reads the text, and her voice really brings the story to life with a wonderful pace for following the story without getting bored.  With a run time of just over an hour, children can break it up into a few sections and still make it through in a relatively short span of time.


My son is a beginning reader who shifts between easy readers and listening/following along to short chapter books.  I like to read to him, but he likes to listen to audiobooks while he falls asleep.  This book definitely kept him interested (and up way past bedtime).

The story itself is a classic!  All of the wonderfully awkward experiences faced by 5 and 6 year olds–loose teeth, new teachers, and the anxiety of making new friends–can be found within the pages (or in this case, the audio tracks) of this book.   With a new format and features available, the story will be accessible to more children than ever.  Buy a copy to listen to in the car, or to transfer to mp3 format for your child’s tablet or mp3 player.   But a copy for a friend, or buy a copy for yourself.  Whatever you do, seriously, give this audio set a chance! (Then make sure to jam out to the musical tracks!)