Sarah Young’s highly anticipated sequel to Jesus Calling (if you wish to call it that–both devotionals stand alone!) is a simple yet intimate devotional that aims to help strengthen readers’ relationships with the Lord.  Many people struggle with feeling like the Holy Spirit is present in their lives, but this devotional is written as though Jesus himself is speaking directly to you.  There are 150 entries that are accompanied by references to specific scriptures (that are written out on the page, so you don’t have to go look it up!).  The entries provide specific encouragement and yet they are vague enough to speak encouragement to different people struggling in different ways.  So many people loved the previous versions–there truly is something to be gained by everyone, no matter what age or stage of life you are in.  In fact, when I asked for recommendations for a devotional, I can’t count the number of times I heard “Jesus Calling.”

The book itself has many wonderful features, including its small and compact size (perfect for storing it on a nightstand or carrying it in a suitcase), a built-in ribbon bookmark (perfect for keeping your place), and scriptural index found in the back of the book (perfect for when you are looking for inspiration while reading a specific passage or topic).

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book is the very element that makes it unique–rather than being written from the perspective of another person, it is written as though Jesus is speaking.  The best relationships require 2 way communication.  If you are like me, you may struggle to hear or see Jesus in your daily life.  This book makes me feel like Jesus sent me a quick email (or left me a voicemail) each day for me to know he is there for me.  The feeling of support this simple act brings is one many would appreciate from a loved one.  If we are to build a true relationship with the Lord, it is essential that we feel him in our lives.  The words of this book provide encouragement and hope for the brightest and darkest of days for teens and adults alike.

Many individuals were unhappy with the teen edition of Jesus Calling containing the same content as the regular (adult) version–only the cover was changed.  The marketing team for this book made a wise decision in labeling this book as the “Teen Cover” rather than the “Teen Edition.”  While young adults don’t necessarily need different content, the two audiences DO tend to gravitate towards different images when making purchases. (Note:  the version for kids DOES have different language used). While I am not a teen, the cover for this book speaks to me better than the “adult” cover–I’m simply not into the “traditional religious” design–(you know what I’m talking about–most bible studies for adults all have the same basic layout and images.  The white dove is pretty standard.  I like modern design elements–they simply appeal to me more!)  The leather editions are beautiful, but if you are looking for a hardcover, don’t let the word “teen” in the title sway your decision if you want a more contemporary cover design.

Go to this book for a daily boost of hope, purpose, and Truth.  Pick up a copy for yourself, for a loved one, or for the random stranger who looks like he or she may need some encouragement.  Share the word with others and pray that they will find the strength they need to make it through each day as they grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually through everyday encounters with the world and the Lord.