In one line: A board book following a unique role from the traditional Christmas story!


One Small Donkey tells the story of Jesus’ birth through following the donkey responsible for carrying Mary to Bethlehem.    Available in both hardcover and board book formats, this book is suitable for all children.    It is an excellent introduction to the story of Jesus’ birth and lacks heavy religious overtones.

The rhythm felt clunky trying to read it aloud to my children, but I never have been a fan ofthe ABCB rhyme scheme, where only the 2nd and 4th lines rhyme.  The story line itself was sweet and not only introduces Jesus’ birth but also teaches readers that sometimes an animal (or person) doesn’t have to be the biggest or fastest in order to have a very important role.  Everyone is made differently and suited for different tasks, and that is okay!

My kids liked this book, but it wasn’t one they became crazy about instantly.  Perhaps closer to Christmas it will be more of a requested favorite, but September seems to be too early for Christmas cheer in our house!