God gave us eyes to see them,
and lips that we might tell
how great is God Almighty,
who has made all things well.

all thingsTitle: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Author:  Cecil Frances Alexander (hymn)

Illustrator:  Katy Hudson

Publisher: Worthykids/Ideals (2016)

# Pages: 32


Why I Chose It:

Growing up in a traditional Methodist church, hardback hymnals were a staple of Sunday morning service.  I love the crinkle of the pages, the soothing melodies that flow forth as the organ plays, and the idea that messages can be passed between generations through simple verses.  All Things Bright and Beautiful brings together two of my favorite things:  old hymns and children’s literature.

Publisher’s Blurb:

First published by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848, this favorite hymn has become a mainstay of churches and Sunday school classes everywhere. Here artist Katy Hudson brings new joy to the words with her fresh and bright watercolor style. Readers can join in the fun as they follow two little girls and their brother on a day filled with the discovery of all things bright and beautiful. Ages 4-7.

What I Think:

I read this book to my children, both of whom loved seeing how the verses were illustrated by Katy Hudson. With any rendition of a traditional text, I worry about how the author will attempt to “update” it or personalize it.  This version remains true to the text of the original hymnal and features adorable characters were adorable cute, whimsical features (a far cry from some of the creepy characters children are exposed to on cartoons today–Monster High, anyone?).

The text was broken up well, with pauses in appropriate areas.  Font style and size was not distracting in any way and easy to read.

The publisher’s age suggestion is 4-7, but I would venture to say you could read this to a child much younger than 4.  While it isn’t filled with catchy rhymes and nonsensical words, the basic rhyme scheme is still present and the illustration and message behind the text are more than enough to carry the interest of a young toddler.

In case you are interested in seeing the original hymn, here is a beautiful copy:


**I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.