The old adage “sticks and stones may break my bones” is just ridiculous.  Words hold a tremendous amount of power over us, if we let them.

Even an offhand remark makes a tremendous impact on an individual’s self-esteem.  As a coach, I have to remember this.  As a friend, I have to remember this.  As a mother, I have to remember this.  As a wife, I have to remember this.  In every role of my life, it is essential to consider what I say and how I say it.

Today, my pediatrician made my entire week seem 100x better with a simple phrase–“you are a great mother.”  I am? “Taking care of a 5lb baby so calmly and patiently is hard.  You do it well.”  Calm? Patient?  Really…. Often, these are the LAST emotions I would associate with myself, especially when the 4 year old is a know-it-all, the 2 year old wishes SHE was the baby being held, and the baby, well, needs to be held.  I have 2 hands, and I could really use 8.  I have two eyes, and I could really use 8 of those as well.  But hearing my pediatrician take notice of all of my efforts and recognize that, like so many moms, I am doing my best for my baby, myself, and my family was so uplifting.

Take a minute and think about someone YOU know who might benefit from a kind word.  And then tell them.  Always tell them, even if you feel silly, because who knows.  Maybe it’s just what they needed to hear to keep up the good fight.