From the margins of a to-do list, to the margins of a bible—doodling has become all the rage.  If you are anything like me, you wish you could draw but haven’t got the slightest idea where to start.  I picked up this book hoping it would improve my ability to draw a variety of objects and people.  Lucky me—Christopher Hart provides simple tips (look at the eye line!) and examples to follow for figures ranging from superheroes to penguins!

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book is the invitaDoodletpiation to create is not limited to a blank page.  Hart provides half completed drawing challenges and plenty of prompts that get creative juices flowing!  While I wish the book addressed other elements of doodling and cartoons such as backgrounds and borders, I do appreciate his attempts to keep the reader engaged through a variety of other techniques.

I’m not sure I would give this book to someone with absolutely NO drawing ability (if you only draw stick figures, you might find yourself a little frustrated), but for the rest of us, we can easily improve our technique by altering simple details by using this book to practice.

**I received this book to review through the Blogging For Books program.  My thoughts are my own.