It’s official.  Having children seems to have lowered my intelligence.  I can’t remember simple words while I am speaking–perhaps becoming a mime is my 2nd calling.  My hands flail around like crazy, trying miserably to convey the shape of whatever object I’m trying to discuss.  Luckily, my husband has learned to interpret my motions (or he is just amazing at Charades–I had to look up the name of that game.  Sigh.)

I have always prided myself on my intelligence, so this recent change is particularly devastating.  I’ve always been a writer, crafty with manipulating language to convey emotions and ideas clearly.  This ability, too, seems to have left me.  My ability to structure my writing is weak, my word choice elementary.  It’s as if my brain is filled with cobwebs that I can’t clear out.

I blame a terrible condition known as “Mommy Brain.”  I didn’t know this existed, but it must.  “Baby Brain” can’t last forever after pregnancy, and the last 5 years have been riddled with forgetfulness and lack of clarity.  Sleepless nights and chaotic days can only be blamed for so much.

My abilities will come back–I have faith.  Until then, I will jealously read others’ musings and relish their flawless musings about life, love, and learning and continue to flail in the waves of my own lackluster writing.  Let’s hope I don’t drown.