Breastfeeding a baby can be one of the most stressful events in a new mother’s day.  Let’s face it, with newborns, that takes up a good majority OF the day.  Eat, sleep, poop; Repeat.

With the number of mothers who breastfeed (or even pump for that matter) being so large, you would think there would be ample stylish clothing options.   Nope.  It seems all mothers can wear are nursing tanks and cardigans or cross front shirts (all of which are sold to double as maternity shirts and thus extremely unflattering).  And for those of us who are not well-endowed on top, forget it!  The shirts are cut so low and so large that they fall under the boobs rather than cover them up.

By the time I reached my third baby, I was fed up with the clothingoptions 2in1-nursing-hoodie-9050-dark-grayavailable to nursing mothers.  So, like any sanely desperate person, I reached out to Pinterest.  I learned to create my own nursing tanks–so easy–and bought myself a birthday gift from Purpless Maternity–an internationally made nursing sweatshirt.  New mommas, this is definitely on my list of top 5 things you NEED after having a baby (or even during pregnancy–the style I purchased had side zippers to extend or retract sizing to accommodate belly size)!

Why dont we sell things like this?