I hate parallel parking.  In fact, I hate it so much that if I need to go somewhere, but the only parking left requires parallel parking, I excuse myself from the stop.  Another day, I will think to myself, there’s always another day.

But this mentality has changed after having children.  Suddenly, there isn’t another day.  It has to be today.  In fact, it has to be right now, or the meltdown that has been brewing with each “no” and “come on, let’s go” threatens to explode.  Three year-olds are ticking time bombs.  At least with two year olds, the tantrum can be prepared for.  The culprit is well-known.  With three year-olds, anything and everything can set them off.  So when the park slides come in to view, you better be planning to stop or you better be bracing yourself for a meltdown.

Personally, I would choose parallel parking any day over toddler meltdown any time.


**Side note–the “potato chips” come to play not only to enhance the alliteration of the title, but because each time we go to the park, my 1 year old tries to eat the wood chips.  My son hears me tell her no, and I can only assume he thinks wood chips are a flavor of potato chips, because he will turn around and yell “Mommy! She’s eating potato chips again!”