I feel that I should start this post with an expression of utter disbelief that I have only written one new post in the past year.  So much has happened, yet maybe that is partially because I haven’t spent my life glued to my computer.

Part of my goals for motherhood include being connected—yet instead of in the modern sense via laptop/cell-phone/etc, I hope to be connected to my child, to my husband, and to my  REALITY. As egocentric as that sounds, a lot of things going on in the world right now affect me, but in a distant way.  What if we all shifted our center of concern to align to our center of control (do I sound like a Franklin Covey parrot yet)?  How would the world be changed if our efforts were spent actually DOING something to change what we can instead of spent COMPLAINING and voicing our opinions on issues that we really don’t have any influence?

That being said, I have spent time this past year ( that would have been otherwise spent online or texting) watching my son grow and teaching him the skills that are valuable.  I forwarded a post on Facebook last week about my goals for motherhood–what is important and what I want my son to learn.  Most of them were character traits–sure, I care about intellect and knowledge, but I honestly believe that a strong character foundation promotes the very personality that WANTS to learn and has the ability to learn anything.  If you can read, you can learn anything.  But the ability means nothing without the desire.  

So, we play.  Children learn through play, yet at some point schools have done away with play.  Parents have done away with productive play.  Video games can be productive, but they cannot strengthen the whole child.  A variety of games and creative activities are needed to great the well-rounded individual who is emotionally and physically ready to take on the world.  

My brain cannot focus on a single topic long enough to write a decent post today.  I start writing about one topic and my brain forms connections to others.  There are so many things I would like to comment on:  Homeschooling, literacy, child-based learning, motherhood…….the list goes on.  But there has been enough typing for today–now it’s time to play.