Finally, I’m back.  A mere two months later, I finally have a few seconds to spare to hop on my blog in between preparing for interviews and caring for one fussy little man. 

While studying techniques for reading/writing I learned about in college (oh how long ago that seems), I stumbled across a piece of writing I actually turned in as a response journal.  Because it made me smile, I had to share with the world.

Suddenly, the intercom crackles to life, causing the students to jump.  “Put down your weapon.  I repeat, put DOWN your weapon and slowly back away,” a deep voice boomed.  I look around the room for the danger, but only see students reading their response journals.  “PUT IT DOWN, NOW,” the voice warns, “before we take away your teaching license.”  ME?  I look down, wondering what weapon I am holding.  In my right hand, a snickers bar.  In my left, my red grading pen.  Since when does administration care about my sugar intake? I put down the snickers bar, slowly, and begin backing away.  The door flies open, and in runs a clan of masked assailants.  The raid lasts only a few seconds as they make a beeline for my desk.  Drawers are flung open, papers scatter to the floor.  Minutes later, the principal walks in.  “I’m so sorry, but we warned you.  We have talked about this before.  The students’ just can’t handle that kind of criticism.  It makes them shut down.  We’re going to have to ask you to leave.  Mr. ‘Fly will be taking over.”  I glance at the man standing meekly in the doorway, holding only a purple pen….