First, let me start by saying, “I have missed you.”  My life became very hectic over the holiday season, and I had to prioritize.  While writing was always on my mind, there never seemed to be enough time in the day to make it feasible.

A news story caught my attention today, yet sadly it wasn’t driven by a desire to think deeply about the issue at hand.  What actually intruiged me was the unnecessary verbosity used to describe the study (which in itself was unnecessary).

My daily dose of “duh” came while reading The Chart, a blog by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Apparently, “customers pay little heed to calories on menus.”  Mandates by the government requiring fast food chains to post nutritional information about items offered have been shown to actually have little effect on the choices made by consumers.  Really?  So telling someone that something might be unhealthy for them doesn’t really change their behavior?  Well, duh!

  1. In general, people are not eating premade foods (whether frozen or bought from a restaurant or fast food chain) for the nutritional value, but for the convenience factor.  Do they have time to stop and actually read the nutritional information?
  2. Even if individuals do have the time, do they really care?  Probably not.  People continue to engage in unhealthy or dangerous activities even with the knowledge that it may not be the “best” thing for them.  Smoking? Drinking? Extreme sports? Bad relationships?