In the spirit of modern society, I know that today is supposed to be Fiction Friday, but it’s not MY fault my creative juices haven’t been flowing lately.  I’ve really been thinking in more practical terms rather than abstract, which makes it difficult for me to write poetry.  And all my fiction is so dark and controversial…but of course, that’s not my fault either.  I can’t decide what my mind focuses on.  It’s because of someone else.  It’s their fault.

INSTEAD, I’ll share this lovely article with you from Celebuzz about Taylor Momsen.  Apparently, it’s all her parents’ fault.  She has no stake in her current actions, no personal responsibility for her attitudes about life.  She just can’t help the way she feels–it’s long been out of her control.  (I bet her parents even picked her outfit–and she definitely couldn’t open her mouth and say “you know, I really don’t feel like dressing like a tramp today.  Maybe something a little less revealing?”)

I probably shouldn’t be so judgemental–I don’t personally know Taylor, nor her life situation.  Try as I might, however, I can’t help but roll my eyes and groan.  She is 17.  Even if she were 13, she could fight through her pubescent hormones and maybe try to see the good side of life?  But no.  17.  Poor pitiful girl, being drug through the celebrity limelight/mud for the past 15 years of her life.  She just can’t help herself.

Get a grip.  When will people start taking responsibility for their own lives, being accountable for their actions instead of blaming others while crying “poor, poor me!”  Maybe she can’t control her parents’ actions, but she IS old enough to start making decisions for herself, even if that circle of influence only extends to her own personal outlook on life.  (Just like I could take responsibility for not being motivated/caring enough to sit down and actually focus on writing a decent poem.  But no. I will not…I mean…I cannot.)