In approximately 3 hours, the National Mall will be overrun by the silent majority finally taking a stand and letting their voices be heard over the 15-20% of exteme partisan views that typically dominate political conversation in the media. (Think the Tea Party Movement and the 9/11 Truth Movement.)

Led by political commentators Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, the Rally to Restore Sanity is sponsored by Comedy Central.  To illustrate the point of the rally, Colbert unveiled a mock motto: “Take it down a notch for America,” and offered protest signs with messages such as “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler.”  Though the rally is essentially an extension of both comedians’ shows, the underlying message of the rally is very serious.

My generation is considered apathetic–we continually turn out the lowest voting rates in the polls each year.  But is this because we truly don’t care about important issues, or could it simply be a passive-aggressive resistance to the extreme measures of extremists from both political parties and the propaganda used by political candidates to try to persuade us to join them in their efforts to “help” America?  For example, the past few months have been heavy with local candidates running for the state House of Reps campaigning.  One candidate has repeatedly said nothing about his own aspirations as a candidate while building his entire platform through propaganda of the returning rep running for re-election.  From sending out flyers with misleading information to paying for advertisements that paint the returning rep in a negative light–even resorting this past week to calling an entire town with an automated message claiming that the rep is “not a Christian” and “supports gay porn”.   Every night I go to bed irritated and sick of my phone being plagued by political calls, my brain being attacked by hateful propaganda.  And it isn’t even a presidential election year–those are the worst.

I am sick and tired of elections.  I am sick and tired of the crossfire between parties–it has gotten out of hand.   Somewhere along the way, individuals are losing their common sense and ability to rationalize through situations.  Decisions shouldn’t be about party lines–I could care less about Republican or Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives.  My concerns lie in how actions affect individuals.  Though I won’t be attending the rally, I can say that I wholeheartedly speak the motto: “Take it down a notch, America.”  This isn’t Jersey Shore.