…increase on Halloween.

I have been wracking my brain for costume ideas that don’t fall into the typical teenager/YA category of “slutty”.  (Wouldn’t want my friend Michael’s superpower of whorevision to hone in anywhere near me–which still cracks me up, a superhero whose power is whorevision.  Amazing.)  Butt to be honest, I’m just too poor and too lazy to put a great deal of effort into my costume.  There aren’t any huge get-togethers my husband and I can attend.  Most of those require you to have small children.  Somewhere along the way, dressing up as an adult just falls by the wayside.  Even the people handing out free hotdogs at Sonic on Halloween look at you oddly if you’re dressed up but without a small person in tow.  So, the motivation is simply not there.

Still, I search the internet for the most creative costumes, hoping for some reminder of how great creativity can truly be. Today, I stumbled upon this brilliant costume and couldn’t resist sharing it as my photo of the week. Serious props go to this girl.  If I were judging a costume contest, she would have my vote hands down.

How creative is this?  And honestly, it couldn’t be that hard to do.  It appears she took an old dress, cut a hole through the stomach for her head to come out, stuffed the arms and filled the chest with styrofoam.  A little paint to her face, and whalaa–she has become a gruesome, headless woman.  Brilliant.

It never fails to surprise me when people go spend $50 to get the latest commercially designed costume, especially when it barely covers more than a swimming suit. What happened to the good old days of making costumes and letting creativity and craftiness shine through? I can honestly say that while I have purchased accessories for costumes (such as wigs, daggers, etc), the bulk of my costume comes from my own creation.