It might have been otherwise,

But we will not venture there,

Deep into the ravine of “what ifs” and “perhaps”.

A treacherous place filled with sinkholes and trapdoors.

Linger too long and it will suck you in,

Pummeling you downward faster than rolling a ‘3’ and landing on a slide in Chutes and Ladders.

To a child, life is forgiving, allowing plenty of time to recover lost ground.

But to an adult, at the peak of the mountain, we realize there is nowhere left to go.

Once the rocks begin to crumble, the disastrous fall is inevitable.

Look up and feel the sudden longing and aspiration that only leaves us bitter with discontent.

Look down and analyze where we have come from.

So we do not move, do not look any way but forward

For fear of sudden movement proving deadly.

The shadow of struggle overpowers us as we succumb

To our self-inflicted catatonic stupor.

We forget about the here, the now, the only true reality we can ever know.

And in an instant, it too is gone…


**This is an unfinished piece.  There are many details I am not pleased with–word choices, uneven flow, and even the overall message structure irks me.  But writing is never produces a “finished” product; changes can always be made.