…I had made it further than the backyard while trying to run away at the age of 6?  I think about how drastically different my life could be now.  If only I had walked 50ft more, crossing the threshold between open field and the woods.  Perhaps Ershina would have emerged from her rest, seeping through the bark of the old oak tree at the edge of the forest.  She could have guided my journey, providing me with tasks to complete.

I could have ventured into the distance, crossed paths with orges and vampires, demons in disguise.  Without a map, I would have no idea where I was, nor would I know how to reach the Safelands.  A lost soul left to fend for myself in the darkness of evil.

**Photo courtesy of http://my.opera.com/Matta/albums/showpic.dml?album=53064&picture=851932