Over the next few weeks I would like to share some personal writing I have done using the multi-genre approach.  For those unfamiliar with this method, writers select one subject to focus their work on, and approach the topic from various mediums rather than one long piece.

I selected the topic of Eating Disorders in Minorities.  A few of the genres I selected include poetry, a personal (fictional) journal, and collage.  While I no longer have the actual project in my possession, I do have images of the finished product.

As you can see, everything was completed to look like an authentic collection of odds and ends items of an individual suffering from an eating disorder, complete with a half-eaten Godiva chocolate bar.


Defacing Barbie was perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the project–I LOVED playing with Barbie growing up, and picking one from my stash to ruin forever was hard.  In the end, I picked the one with the nastiest hair.

If you have never approached a topic using multi-genre, I highly recommend it.  It brings out elements of the subject (and of your own abilities) that usually remain hidden in the shadows.