…we will stride forward with pride and joy.

I have been procrastinating starting this blog for nearly 5 months now.  I started the site, amped myself up to begin writing, and then somewhere between then and actually sitting down to write, fell flat on my face.  (That was a ridiculously long sentence with lots of unnecessary commas)

For months now I have told myself I have nothing to write about, that what I DO have to say is not important or new.  A ridiculous notion–everyone has something to share with the world.  As a writer, I should value my own opinions more and think that I can communicate things in a way no one ever has before.   So today I have taken control and will have something to write about.  A schedule (which I cannot guarantee I will stick to) will dictate my entry for each day.

Monday–Wake Up, World.  The week cannot begin until we know that the world as we know it is still going on around us. Expect commentary on news topics, politics, etc.   

Tuesday–Walking the Tightrope.  Hot button issues and topics usually leave me walking a very fine line between saying what is socially accepted and what I feel is “right”.

Wednesday–Whatever Works.  Everyone needs a day without constraints.  Anything is free game on this day–songs, movie reviews, questioning celebrity antics. 

Thursday–Photo of the Week.  Sometimes pictures really do speak a thousand words without saying anything at all.

Friday–Fantastic Fiction.  I will be sharing my personal writings–poems, short stories, etc.

I hope you enjoy reading–everyday is a new adventure into the crazy (but beautiful) journey we call life.